About us

SMS Holdings Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
was established in 1996 as a small enterprise with 10 employees. Due to the committed and honest service to our clients, we have been able to become a leading Man Power Outsource organization and it has been incorporated as Limited Liability Company in the year 2003.

We Proudly state that, at present, we are running our business with over 3000 employees whom are located at several manufacturing organization and our competitive service has been recognized the existing client base, which consists of over 75manufacturing organizations.

The secret of our success is recognizing the expectations of our clients and rendering augmented service beyond their expectations, with a clear understanding.

 To be the Total Solution provider, in the field of Manpower out Sourcing.  

Message of the Chairman/ Managing Director,

I take this opportunity to express , The SMS Holdings Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is one of the best performing Man Power Supply ( outsource ) company in Sri Lanka. In the year 1996, the company was started to fulfill the seasonal requirements of Man Power to the Manufacturing organization especially during their peak periods of the productions.

Later, realizing the commitment and dedication of our company, we had many long term business contracts with prestigious organization In Sri Lanka. We are well committed towards the customer requirements coinciding legislative obligations imposed by Sri Lanken Government time to time. In today's context, it has become a tedious task in finding right cadre with right working attitude. All of our clients are demanding employees with right working attitude with strict industry discipline. Having understood our clients' requirements, we are fully committing to safe guard our clients from all difficulties which create Man Power Shortage.

Finally I would like to mention that I myself and my team will be ready to take any kind of challenge to fulfill the Man Power requirement of any organization In Sri Lanka, where there is a indeed need of it.

Message of the Executive Director,

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I take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients, whom have kept their trust on us. Also I would like to thank all of our staff members, without their dedicated service, the company wouldn't have achieved the success as where the company is placed by our clients. Above all, I must thank to all the employees joined with us with great trust and we have been doing the best for all the stake holders of our company.

During the period of globally recession, we faced many challenges in reducing cadres dramatically and other way round in fulfilling cadres within the shortest period of time. We handled the entire tough situations without making problems to our clients as well as our employees. That was only possible due to our true commitment and dedication towards the task.

We are a visionary driven and task oriented company and we always bring true results to all of our stake holders. Also we are performing as guiding organization to the Man Power Supply Industry by respecting all the industry norms and fulfilling legal obligation.

We strongly believe our existence and growth is dependent on how well we delight our customer and fulfilling theie timely requirements effectively and efficiently. Therefore, we have recognized our prime responsibility is ti support our customers to reach their Objectivies.

We believe that the key strength to achieve our goal is our dedicated work force. Being in the manpower outsource business we have recognized that most valuable asset in our organization is People. We bear greater responsibility over our employees and strive to uplift their life standards through fair perks and continuous counselling programs.

We treat our profit as a gift as a result of the dedicated and committed service rendered to the customers. We believe stable growth than short growth than short term benefit through which we will be able to achieve concrete existence in this industry.

We respect all the labour regulations, established by the state and we are committed to abide by and we believe better employee-employer relationship is the key factor in achieving right productivity, thereby satisfied, is the factor in achieving right productivity, thereby satified workforce, through better perks, which is part of the society in which we operate and it is the contribution to the social well being.

The structure of the hierarchy will comprise of Director Board, Marketing team, operational team, Human resources team and financial team.

Our operational team comprise managers, executives and labour supervisors whom are ensuring the required labour cadreat each location at the requirement of our clients and toiling for fulfilling contingency requirement too, which might be out of the agreements, which shows the greater flexibility of the operational team.

All the counselling, labour related matters and disciplinary inquiries are handled by our HR team whilst salaries, incentives and other perks related maters are handled by our financial team with almost no errors in making employees' salaries, which is vital aspect in Man Power Out sourcing field.